In Men – Is It Bad?

Ask most men about how much oestrogen they get in their diet and they will probably laugh at you to start off with, before secretly worrying that consuming or producing this ‘female’ hormone is going to slowly turn them into a woman. This miseducation is forgivable though; the simple fact is that there is not […]

Causes of Hormonal Imbalances in Men

Forgetting age for a second, as this is something that hits us all, and throwing hormonal replacements out the window (their very existence is to facilitate a hormonal change!) there are plenty of other things that men do, sometimes on a daily basis, to sabotage healthy hormone production. Here are some of the most common […]

Hormones and Male Weight Gain

As we get older, there are a few subtle (and not so subtle!) changes that occur within the male body, and nearly all of them are helped along in some way thanks to hormones. It has been firmly established that weight, muscle mass, sex drive and even bone density (particularly relevant when we think about […]

Male Hormones and Fitness Performance

We’ve probably all heard stories about avid gym goers and athletes, both professional and amateur, resorting to the use of hormones in an attempt to boost their performance. It’s not uncommon, as nearly everyone knows that athletic performance is based partly around a healthy hormonal system. There are a range of links between hormones and […]

Hormones and Erectile Disfunction

The male reproductive system is absolutely reliant upon healthy hormone production. Everything from sexual drive to maintaining an erection and actual sperm production revolve mainly around testosterone, but at the same, other hormonal processes are linked in with testosterone. It’s a scientific fact, and often the butt of many cruel jokes, that older men do […]

Pregnancy and Hormones

Pregnancy is a wonderful, amazing time for women. The bringing of an additional life into the world puts a tremendous strain on the body and mind. However, at the same time, it can also play havoc with our hormones. And it’s not surprising; during pregnancy, the body is not only sharing hormones with the little […]

Female Hormones and Gut Health

Gut health is a subject often overlooked by women who are often too busy to give it attention, or simply write constant gut health complaints off as a fact of life. The truth, however, is that gut health and hormonal levels are quite closely linked. For starters, the gut microbiome creates and distributes many of […]

Natural Female Hormone Supplements

Having a working, balanced hormonal system is great. In fact, it means that other bodily functions and processes are on top of their game, and for a woman, this means she can enjoy good mental health, an attractive body shape, and a generally healthy appearance. But a mixture of life’s circumstances can and often do […]

How to Balance Female Hormones

The female body is a perfectly tuned machine, much like its male counterpart. Included in that perfect synergy is the hormonal system. It’s what gives us healthy hair, skin and nails and a balanced body shape, what gives us our sex drive and, ultimately, the ability to bear children. The responsibility to keep our hormones […]

Drink and Drugs Affect Womens’ Hormones

Hormones and, more importantly, the proper function of them, are essential for any woman wanting to live a long and healthy life. They are the building blocks of bodily processes, and for women, they are quite literally one of the main things that give us a distinct appearance from men. So, it is all the […]